Nur Syahirah reached 2 years old on last 2 weeks

Published by yantie under on 4:27 PM
Syahirah reached 2 years old almost 2 weeks ago(7/3/2010, birth date: 7/3/2009)..this is delayed posting...:D..mama too busy with mama's routines..hehehehe..

Syahirah was very excited on the day because a lot of people in the house which is unusual for her..she tried not to sleep and i knew she was asleep...what the dishes?..nasi minyak, local fruits, kek, candy..itu aje la..

Happy birthday Syahirah..i love u so much...unconditional love from me to good girl..:D

This is 1 year old Syahirah

This is 2 year old Syahirah (berbeza dah skrg)