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We're welcoming all the academicians, researchers, industry people etc to our conference. Feel free to visit our website:


See you in Kuantan, Pahang.

Live Life To The Fullest

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Early Wednesday...rainy day..

while i'm driving to the office, my mind thinking about 'Live Life To The Fullest'...i try to figure out how to make my life to the fullest...i don't want just wake up early in the morning, prepare my daughter, prepare to work, boom baam doing work, come home, rest and do same cycle everyday...

i googled "life to the fullest"..so this is what i got (i do want to be positive always, but sometimes i can't..maybe because of environment??):

How to Live Life to the Fullest


  1. Make a list of things you want to do before a certain birthday. For example, list thirty things you want to do before you turn thirty. Your list can be made up of places to visit, people to meet or befriend, skills to acquire, or just fun things to do. This way, you have some goals to aim at, and you can keep track of what you have done and what you still want to do.
  2. Make a to-do list or a schedule every day! Don't just lay around all day without painting the fence, visiting Aunt Mary Ann, or finally taking that walk to the park. Have fun!
  3. Remember "Carpe Diem" or "seize the day." - Live life in the moment. The only thing that is assured in life is this moment and death. So cherish every moment of life and make it worthwhile.
  4. Try making life better for the less fortunate people in the world. They could be anyone, from an orphan in Africa to a pauper in Calcutta. Some dollars less in your account will not make a significant difference to you but will make an impact on someone's life. These are the deeds that make you happy in reality, knowing that you have made a difference.
  5. Be comfortable with yourself. Love and accept yourself, even if others don't. Know who you are. You will naturally become an outgoing person if you can do this. Also, have an internal locus of control (an internal locus of control implies the belief that one is largely in control of the things that happen to her/him), meaning be who you are and stay true no matter the situation. Be strong and continue to grow your entire life.
  6. Accept other people, even if they're different. Really different. You don't have to like everyone, just show acceptance and tolerance and you'll be cool with everyone (extremely important in connections later on). Also understand not everyone has your world view, thinks like you, or has the same values. But one thing everyone does want is to be treated kindly. You can't judge anyone else because you don't know what that person has been through and how it's affected them. Not everyone reacts to the same situations the same way. Some have more tolerance than others. Judging anyone is purely to organize your own little world into making a little more sense.
  7. Find a purpose or meaning to your life. Whether that be a cause to help the world, religion, or just any kind of worthwhile goal (world domination only if you'll treat the world right).
  8. Accept death. Yes, it can be scary. But it's going to happen, one day you will die. Let it echo through you, and you can begin to appreciate life. Trust you will be okay. Trust it or you'll go crazy.Live your life with the motto " If I die now I die happy ." Wouldn't it be nice if supposedly you would die now to know that many people would attend your funeral because you've been a great person ?
  9. Stop caring what other people think about you. If you've done the previous step, then this one should be easy. Just apply the faith and trust in the fact that you will die someday, to you, and the fact that you were meant to be yourself no matter what other people say.
  • Keep a diary or journal. It doesn't have to be fancy, or wordy, or confessional. Just make sure that you're recording information about your accomplishments. Even an ordinary day spent in a good mood is a kind of accomplishment. Whenever you feel as though your life is worthless, fraudulent, or otherwise rotten, refer to this diary as a much-needed reminder of happier times. More will come!
  • Live each day as if it's your last! There's no day but today to do what you want.
  • In this idealistic approach, it is also necessary to balance it with reality. Life is a balancing act, it requires constant effort.
  • Stop Listening to anyone but yourself
  • Clear up your mind every once in a while.
  • Think positive! Avoid being surrounded by negative people.
  • Once you make a plan, follow it! There's no point in making a to-do list or a schedule if you aren't going to go through with it then don't do it.
  • Do not whine about what you don't have. Enjoy what you have and desire, work towards what you want to have and you'll get it hopefully.
  • Don't feel jealous of people who are either better looking or have more money, or for that matter have anything that you don't but desire. Try to achieve it by working hard and making things work for you. Beauty and materialistic things in life don't last very long. What lasts is your soul. So it is important to have a clean and beautiful soul.

Promotion In Kolej Matrikulasi Gambang

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Tomorrow i'm going to have talk session in Kolej Matrikulasi Gambang. Actually this is one of the tentative for our promotion program...and off course i need to prepare some slide for the presentation...my task is to talk about majoring in comp sc...so far, i have a little bit idea on this topic:

- Majoring in Comp Sc are:
1. Software Engineering
2. Networking
3. Graphics and Multimedia
4. Bioinformatics
5. .....
6. ....
7. ....

For each topic i'll talk on what will student learn, the final outcome, prospect job..

That's all what is in my mind right now..please give me some idea...i think there are a lot of majoring in Comp Sc...right?...

So, my brilliant friends, help me please...i need to prepare it this afternoon...:D

TARA 3 Finale

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The winner for this season goes to............................................Vince and Sam from Hong Kong!!!!..

what else to say?..it's good enough as long as not Geoff and Tisha...


Nak Buang Lebihan Lemak...

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Alamak, aku dah gemuk...aku realized when i try my baju kurung yesterday morning...baju tu dah agak lama tak try...sekali alamak...kain agak sendat.masih boleh pakai..tapi tak selesa as usual..

Actually dah lama jugak perasan, but i don't think that bad...even sorg kawan yg dah lama tak berjumpa then die tgk my pict dlm blog ni die terus ckp: "Yan, ko dah gemuk..."...huhuhuuhuhuhuu..

ok, from now on i'll try my best to loose weight..how?..

i'm going to make my sister as my inspiration..she managed to loose about 14kg in 3-4 months...what she did?...secret.let me try first...

also, Sharin n Yatt will be by inspiration to...kkekekkee...

tapi yatt skrg dah nak ternak lemak semula....die takpe dah nak ke india lagi so blh buang semula lemakkannn tu...

Season Finale: TARA 3

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can't wait for finale TARA 3...hopefully team Ida & Tania will win the race even though rumors said team Geoff & Tisha will win (i hate them)..last week race was really amazing..Ida was energetic...no more 'mama team'...every season, Malaysian team got a place in finale...but all of them were ladies...hmmm..where are u guys????...

i'll let syahirah sleep early in the evening, so i manage to watch TARA peacefully and full of concentration..

go Ida & Tania!!!!...(i admired their humble, down to earth and cool personality)

p/s: in what year Mahatma Gandhi was born??

Jumpa Pakar

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Hari ni syahirah ke HTAA jumpa pakar pedriatik (btol ke eja)...dah beberapa bulan tak jumpa, so jumpa hari ni la..

Do normal checkup...then the doc buat sedikit calculation ttg umur syahirah...(kalau ikut lahir dah 8 bulan)...tp doc ckp baru 6 1/2 bulan...huh?..terkujat aku kejap...laaaa..baru 6 bulan lebih ke.... untuk pantau perkembangan kena ikut exact age dia la..but for normal thing such as imunisasi dan pemakanan boleh ikut umur sejak lahir...itu kata doc la..

Menurut doc jugak, syahirah ok semua...even doc kata mcm teramat aktif sbb masa doc duk wat checkup dia sibuk checkup doc jugak..pahtu duk gelak2 tgk doc...doc kata ok dah tu..makesure bagi makan protein lagi byk utk bagi dia lagi kuat...hmmmm...ok, mlm ni mama masak nasi kasi letak ayam byk2 lagi okeh...

Next appointment lagi 4 bulan...lebih kurang bulan 3 tahun depan le...alhamdullillah

New Toy

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Semalam belikan syahirah walker..hajatnya taknak beli sbb nak dia explore sendiri..tapi kena beli jgk, kalau tak tak boleh buat keje lain duk tegk die je...die dah makin aktif..habis cerok rantau mana dia explore..syahirah seronok dgn mainan baru...first time guna walker semalam die dah boleh gerakkan ke depan n belakang...laju pulak tu..cuma u-turn belum boleh..

tgk le betapa gumbiranya dia...

Neural Network Syahirah

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hari ahad lepas Syahirah telah menunjukkan tanda-tanda neural networknya telah berjaya menghasilkan sesuatu...

kisahnya mcm ni, kami bertiga pergi sarapan di luar, mmg habit aku pakaikan topi setiap kali Syahirah keluar rumah..duk dalam kereta Syahirah cabut topinya, so aku letak topi dalam compartment di tepi pintu...dia nampak topi dia, dia amik...aku expect dia akan gigit mcm biasa dia buat, tapi sungguh mengujakan aku bila dia letak atas kepala dia..then dia senyum kat aku mcm tunggu aku pakaikan untuk dia...aku tlg pakaikan then aku kata "comelnyeee"..dia senyum je..sambil biarkan topi tu duk atas kepala dia...aku nak uji aku cabut lagi sekali topi tu then dia wat mende yang sama juga lagi sekali...

sebagai ibu, aku rasa sungguh best sbb anak aku telah menunjukkan tanda-tanda rutin harian yang dibuat telah memberi satu pelajaran pada dia..dan dia telah berjaya belajar rutin tersebut...

dlm neural network dia skrg:

- bila nampak mende tu (topi) letaknya di kepala...

maybe dia blom tahu la itu topi tapi dia dah tahu apa kegunaannya...

sekrg aku start letak mainan dia dlm kotak, dgn harapan nnt dia tahu letaknya mainan dia dlm kotak...tapi buat masa sekarang, dia keluarkan semua mainannya dari kotak then dia main kotak tu..hmm takpe la...Syahirah baru 7 bulan, masa masih panjang...kekekeke...

Picture was taken during FSKKP's Family Day last saturday

Next KPT meeting please

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Yesterday, we attended meeting KPT to defend our paper work for new program. But, it was not being discussed because of one reason:

1. We need to wait for LPU meeting which is only be held on 24 Nov (hopefully not cancel) even though we have permission from LPU's chairman to proceed the paper to the KPT.

Since "masih ada masa- bak kata pengarah KPT", so he asked us to do some additional content which is not in KPT's format..hmmm..we are the first one will do this thing and the template by ourself..i think this is because our paper is more than complete so he want to find a reason to reject the paper (maybe-sbb kata-kata tanpa fakta mengatakan ICT takde kerja)...Nauzubillah...this paper takes a very long time and full effort from me almost 2 years...i don't want to waste my time just like that.Ya Allah, permudahkan kerja ini...amin..

Esok ke KPT

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Terkujat aku...huhuhuhu...tanpa angin bertiup, tup2 dpt tau esok ke KPT..ni aku dpt tahu isnin lepas...igtkan lambat lagi...esok ke KPT untuk defends paper program baru...adei...

tadi discussed with Prof Ahmad about this paper...dia cakap takde isu dah nak ditimbulkan oleh KPT tentang paper ni...sbb dah complete n bersedia untuk run the program...harap2 mcm itu lah jugak pandangan ahli mesyuarat KPT esok..

aku berserah aje la...tunggu mcm mana esok...dup dap dup dap...

Ear Recognition

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I'm reading paper about biometrics, this is for my Phd proposal..my intention is to get idea for Multimodal Biometrics..my husband said i can focus on fusion method..so as a first step, i need to get general knowledge on what are the existing Biometric systems...this is actually for identification since world is not save anymore..everything need to be authenticated securely...human features can be used as an authentication source to make sure only authenticated person can access any personal info or others...

Normally we hear about fingerprint recognition (matured enough), face recognition, iris recognition etc...but amazingly i found that there are a few researches in Ear Recognition...off course features of the ear are not accepted as an unique characteristic, but there are salient points on the ear that might different in every person...hmmmm...boleh plak ye...this research still ongoing and yet no commercial system available in market..this salient point is on the pinna from the landmark location..hmmm menarik..where is the pinna?..i don't know...research..research..pic below shows where is the pinna..tapi, org bertudung tak blh la nak recognize telinga..unless pakai tudung mcm Tok Ti..kekeke

Koleksi - 3

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Tired...now i know how tired my mother when i was a baby...just come back from klinik for monthly checkup (syahirah)..we arrived early 8 am at klinik to get one of the first patient (not really patient but since it is klinik which is normally for patient)..we managed to get no 6..but the system is not as good as the numbering system...so we only being consult after 9 am...syahirah already sleepy and being not friendly as usual...after 10 am, we finished everything..went home, settled laundry...10.45 drive to office...ayya..tired...single mother (weekend spouse) understand how i feel...actually i'm already tired since after family day last saturday..not enough rest...

Now, i like to share my next favorite picture just to heal my tiredness...

Pokcik Awang's house

IELTS just around the corner..practices make perfect..